Pray for 7 Areas of Influence


Includes painting, drama, mime, sculpture, handicrafts, cinema, writing, dance, poetry, sports and music.

Business and Commerce

Includes business, commerce, the current economy and job creation.


Includes pastors, leaders, ministries, missions and promoting God’s kingdom.

Direct Media

Includes newspapers, magazines, radio, television, Internet, journalism and entertainment industries.


Includes private and public schools, colleges, universities, seminaries, and informal training.


Includes family unity, strong marriages, youth, and children.


Includes police, government officials, legislators, lawyers, judges, administrators, elected officials, veterans, service men and women and their families.

We will also pray for other key areas including science, technology, health care, and groups experiencing persecution and hardship.

Prayer Summit

Summit is just a beginning! Prayer is an ongoing activity in a Christian’s life. We hope that this Prayer Summit will be the beginning of a new commitment to renew your relationship with Jesus through prayer.

Seven Strategies to Strengthen Your Prayer Life

  • More personal time with God
  • Promote daily family prayer
  • Daily intercessory prayer in churces in city
  • Lunch-time prayer in the workplace
  • 24-hour prayer chain in churches
  • Churches gather together monthly to pray for local community
  • Periodically, churches gather together to pray for city

Prayer points for Revival and Transformation

Preparation for revival: Humility, prayer, seek God’s face, repentance, unity, perseverance, honor God’s Word. 

Seven attacks of the enemy: Contentment, division, confusion, frustration, persecution, tolerance, weariness. 

Seven areas of influence: Arts, business, church, direct media, education, family, government. 

Seven strategies: Individual, family, noon time in work places, regional gathering of 10 to 12 churches quarterly, 24/7 and daily prayer in churches, city/community gatherings for prayer once or twice a year.

 Pray for the 50 states: Seven states each day and on the seventh day, eight States, covers all 50 States in prayer.